See How To Conceive A Baby Girl, For Those Who Loves Daughters

The birth of a child is always a happy event in the life of any family. It is believed that the gender of the child is determined by nature. But in some situations, parents dream about a baby of particular gender or doctors strongly recommend to future parents careful planning of the gender of their baby. It applies to pathologies that can be inherited. Certain diseases can be transmitted hereditarily from father to son. The diseases like haemophilia, schizophrenia, alopecia, pathologies connected with the development of the properly male organs, which result in infertility in adulthood, alcoholism, etc.


From the scientific point of view, the body of a man, due to testosterone, synthesizes two types of chromosomes. They are X and Y. The female body can produce only one chromosome X. Thus, the gender of the child directly depends on the father. If the Y-type of male cells turns out to be more active, a boy will be conceived. If the X-type female chromosomes reaches the ovule with other X-chromosomes, the desired goal will be achieved – you will have a baby girl.


Since ancient times, women have been looking for various ways to conceive girls. They invented special calendars, calculated the days and months of conception, followed diets and even performed various magical rituals. Some of these techniques survived and were transmitted to the modern generation. Nowadays they are actively used by some married couples. If you ask yourself how to get pregnant with a baby girl, you should not rely on chance but try one of the methods given below. Although they do not give a 100% guarantee, they have been tested for centuries and are entirely safe.

Several factors directly affect the gender of the future child.


In the process of the coitus, in the case of deep infiltration, the distance to the ovum is significantly reduced. So there are more opportunities for gametes with Y-chromosomes. If the infiltration is not so deep, the distance that gametes with Y-chromosomes must overcome, on the contrary, increases. The probability of fertilization with gametes with X-chromosomes is higher in the second case because they are stronger and will survive.


If the intercourse between the partners occurs regularly, then it is more likely, that a gamete with Y-chromosomes will reach the ovum. The matter is that the chances that the coitus will coincide with the day of ovulation are higher. If the intercourse between spouses occurs not frequently, then the opportunity to become pregnant with a baby girl will be higher, since more viable gametes with X-chromosomes will survive before the ovulation.


It is also possible to create less friendly surrounding for male gametes with Y-chromosomes avoiding the final act of a woman`s satisfaction. The female satisfaction releases an alkaline secretion which may help male gametes with Y-chromosomes to survive longer. Practising favourable pose and counting the frequency of coitus, please mind also that the absence of female satisfaction will increase your chances of conceiving a baby girl.


Many people believe that the best time to conceive a girl can be determined by the calendar of the age of a mother. A woman needs to find her age in the first column of the table. If a mother, for example, is 23 years old, then March, June, August, and December are optimal for planning a daughter. It is just an example, if you want to try this method, you can use this calendar.

The lunar calendar was popular a long time ago. Our ancestors used it too. Many historical events took place according to the lunar calendar. According to it, you can choose the most optimal days for the birth of a girl. Thus, according to the calendar, the moon passes every 2.5 days through the necessary female Zodiac sign. Women’s signs include Taurus, Virgo, and Cancer. It is also possible to get pregnant with a girl when the moon is in Capricorn, Fish, and Scorpio.

If you want to consider a more scientifical method of calculating the best day to have a baby girl, you can opt for the next method. The time of conception is also essential for conceiving a girl. Earlier it was already said that male gametes differ in viability and activity level from female ones. Male gametes with Y-chromosomes move fast and also die soon. The gametes with X-chromosomes are slower but also much more enduring. It is known that ejaculant can preserve its functions in the female body up to seven days.

During ovulation, the ovum is inseminated by fast gametes with Y-chromosomes. However, if the coitus took place after ovulation, then the chances increase for survivable gametes with X-chromosomes. Therefore, we can conclude that if you want to conceive a baby girl, it is necessary to have coitus 2 or 3 days before ovulation.


Correct and well-chosen nutrition plays a crucial role in conceiving a child of a particular gender. To become pregnant with a girl, you need to include foods rich in magnesium and calcium in the daily menu. But it is better to limit salt and sugar. Besides, in the diet of a potential mother should be the following products:

  • low-fat meat;
  • eggs;
  • fish and seafood in unlimited quantities;
  • various cereals;
  • milk, cheese, yoghurt, kefir, sour cream;
  • bread, pastries without yeast;
  • fresh fruits and vegetables, berries;
  • dried fruits and nuts;
  • tea, it is better to exclude coffee;
  • cocoa;
  • mineral water;
  • honey and jam.

These products should be removed from the daily menu of a woman who wants to conceive a girl:

  • smoked meat, sausages, and ham, grilled meat;
  • canned fish, dry and dried fish;
  • fried potatoes, canned or dried vegetables and fruits;
  • butter cakes, pastry with cream, ice cream;
  • carbonated drinks, unnatural powdered juices;
  • butter, margarine;
  • soda and yeast;
  • coffee.

One more tip is connected with the RH factor. The results of the analysis are given to the parents at the planning stage. After this, the RH factor of both parents is compared. If parents have different RH factors, it is impossible to get pregnant quickly. When the RH factors coincide, then the birth of a girl will be more likely. Somebody may think that it is meaningless, but the technique works.

It is also necessary to visualize the girl at the planning stage. The future mother must constantly imagine her baby girl in her mind. She must get concentrated on the birth of a healthy girl. The mother should think of her daughter’s smallest details: her hair, eyes, lips, height, character. We know that thoughts are material. It will help the organism of the future mother to get prepared for the birth of a girl. The scientists have not adequately studied the human brain yet. But supposedly, it is possible to control the functioning of a human body with the help of thoughts, visualization. The Placebo effect proves it. The technique of visualization will not be harmful; it will work as meditation evoking good feelings in the mother’s organism.

So, it is not possible to say how to have a baby girl with 100% exactness, but it is possible to make the birth of a girl more probable. The techniques presented in the article will not be harmful in any case. It will be useful for a woman to keep a healthy diet or meditate. Anticipation and planning also bring a lot of joy. We wish you good look with the successful planning of your future child.

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