See How To Make Incredible Perfume With Your Own Hands

Do you also want to know how to make perfume in Nigeria? Probably, everyone wants to know this, because only the magic, sensual and enticing world of aromas can attract a person. Sweet notes of vanilla, a passionate smell of roses, patchy patchouli – all have their preferences. Keep reading our guide and create your personal perfume.

Most likely, a lot of people faced with the usual situation, when visiting a perfume shop, we have difficulties in choosing the fragrance, namely those notes that are obliged to play for the benefit of a hard-to-match image. So many ladies and gentlemen start to think about the creation of their own perfume based on the personal preferences. If created successfully such perfume can even become your business card and will be unique.


To make a perfume with your own hands, you should understand that the basis of any real perfume is essential oils, which in various combinations can create a unique fragrance.

First of all, you need to choose the aromas of natural essential oils that you like most of all. To do this, you can take ordinary paper, which should be cut into thin strips. On each piece of paper, sign what kind of oil you are applying. Then apply one drop to the strip and arrange a mini-exam. With your eyes closed, inhale the fragrance of the oil, and then read the name. You should only smell one by one, without opening your eyes.

After that, prepare the necessary inventory:

  • cut clean strips of paper;
  • one glass container for mixing;
  • a set of essential oils;
  • glass pipette;
  • pure ethyl as the basis for liquid;
  • jojoba oil without a smell as a base for oil perfume;
  • beeswax as a basis for dry perfume;
  • glass bottles for ready-made perfumes.

Any perfume consists of three phases. Each phase is made up of fragrances, depending on the persistence of essential oils:

  1. The first phase is the initial note. It contains fragrances that can be smelt in the first 15-20 minutes after application to the body. As a rule, these are citrus, mimosa, basil, mint, anise, rosewood, lavender, and many others.
  2. The second phase is the main note. The heart of any perfume is revealed after half an hour. Use to create the main note of fl0ral fragrance, essential oils, musk, fennel, pine, cinnamon, tobacco, thyme, nutmeg, cloves, and others.
  3. The third phase is the base note. The “aftertaste” of the perfume. Leave a smooth, slightly noticeable fragrance, which is also called a train. This includes essential oils of myrrh, incense, most woody fragrances, for example, incense, patchouli, vetiver, and wood moss.

Some fragrances can also be used to create other phases, the main thing is to keep a single composition, the general nature of the product.


Do you wonder how to make homemade perfumes by creating exactly your scent? It`s simple enough. First of all, it`s always necessary to create a composition of “heart of perfumes.” Put on the signed paper strips a drop of essential oils belonging to this group. After that, bring various combinations of these fragrances to your nose, choose precisely the combination that you like.

After that, add one fragrance of the main note. Don`t rush to combine several scents at once, so you cannot catch the necessary combination, and you can get confused as to which combination you might like.

Lastly, add the oils of the initial note in the same way. After you have prepared the basic composition, apply it on a cotton shawl and leave it for 1-2 hours. If after this time the fragrance will please you, then you have made the right choice.

Don`t try immediately for complex compounds, each note should contain two or three types of oil.


  • The proportion of used oils should be – 1/2/3 (drops), depending on what smell should play in the first, second or third phase. But the rule isn`t strict, each determines for himself the intensity of an ingredient, depending on their preferences.
  • After that, in a glass container with a pipette, mix the oils you have chosen in the proposed proportion. Now you can start, directly, to make perfume.
  • Decide what kind you would like to make. If the perfume is on an alcohol base, then the concentration of the oil composition can be 20-30%. If you want to make the oil perfume, the essential oils have to be 10%, and a dry one can be prepared from beeswax in the proportion of 50/50.
  • Pour the perfume into a sterile glass bottle. Remember that alcohol perfumes after mixing should infuse for at least three weeks in a dark dry place. Mix the compounds for your future perfume slowly, but don`t shake. For oil perfumes, the infusing period is much shorter – no more than a week, and dry one can be used immediately after preparing.

Thus, you can make for yourself the necessary fragrances for each occasion. Besides, perfumes composed individually for a particular person and can become a wonderful gift to him or her.

We offer for the first time to use ready-made recipes of already proven perfumes. Don`t worry about the fact that the fragrance won`t be individual, on each person such a composition will play in its way.


Each fragrance has a symbol and can play a role in a person’s life, checkout the most popular essential fragrances!

  • Orange. A fragrance that gives impudence and fun, increases optimism and self-confidence, creating around the aura of confidence and serenity.
  • Bergamot. It can neutralize the aggressive and spiteful energy of the crowd, protect your aura from external factors. It can aso stimulate the individuality, open the creative deeds, reveal the artistic essence and suppress isolation.
  • Basil. The smell of basil can save a person from complexes, increase self-esteem.
  • Vanilla. It pushes to create a family, makes an aura of trust, warmth. It also harmonizes already established relationships, helping to hear what the interlocutor says, taking his or her place. There is a belief that the fragrance of vanilla is the aroma that makes men crazy.

  • Carnation protects the wearer from excessive emotionality. It can also be a powerful defence against energy vampirism and enmity.
  • [email protected] reveals a person’s inherent talents, helping to achieve success in work.
  • Jasmine is the oil of a female, wise and sophisticated beginning. It liberates, reveals a bashful character, eliminating all complexes.
  • Ylang-ylang is a fragrance that allows understanding a loved one from a half-word, strengthens intuition, increases the woman`s sensuality and man`s desire.
  • Ginger will add determination and firmness to the character. It can also help a weakened organism in the fight against the disease.
  • Cinnamon will add coziness and warmth to the aura. To a man, in whose fragrance there is a note of cinnamon, people will always come in search of advice and comfort.

  • Lavender. The meditative motifs of lavender will help to relax and realize yourself completely.
  • Lemon is the fragrance of a traveller, helping in any situation to feel comfortable.
  • Mandarin helps to find peace in the soul, restoring an aura damaged by another’s malice. It gives a little naivety and childish immediacy to the owner.
  • Muscat will help to increase tolerance in the life of the family, the achievement of career goals. It`s also often used to develop intuition in adolescents, helping them to cope with transitional problems.
  • Peppermint enhances mutual understanding between people, removes the expectation of trouble, a feeling of tension in the relationship.

  • Patchouli strengthens intuition, helps to feel the right beginning. It`ll help to cope with any situation.
  • Rose transforms the energy of anger and sadness into an objective evaluation of the resulting situation. It`s the fragrance of shy and young people, giving the character lightness, freshness, and refinement.
  • Pine is a doctor among the oils, which allows to restore and heal forces after a severe emotional impact.
  • Tea tree protects from the aggressive impact of the environment, creating a protective shell around a person.
  • Eucalyptus regains strength after a disease, or an evil look, it can give longevity to the owner.


Learn a couple of ideas on how to make an easy and at the same time amazing perfume that will make other people ask what a wonderful perfume you have.



  • 20 ml of ethyl;
  • 5 drops of lemon oil;
  • 3 drops of lemon balm oil;
  • 2 drops of neroli oil;
  • 2 drops of bergamot oil.



  • 20 ml. ethyl;
  • 4 drops of clove oil;
  • 3 drops of violet oil;
  • 2 drops of rose oil;
  • 2 drops of bergamot oil;
  • 2 drops of lavender oil.

But here is a more complex recipe for perfume. But the bright tropical motifs in its composition won`t allow you to be disappointed in the efforts you have spent!



  • 50 ml of ethyl;
  • 2 cinnamon sticks;
  • 1 tbsp. asterisks of a carnation;
  • 3 tablespoons orange peel;
  • 2 tablespoons of rum;
  • 4 laurel leaves.

Mix all the ingredients and put them in a dark place. Lightly shake the contents daily. After a week, filter and add:

  • 30 drops of orange oil;
  • 4 drops of lavender oil;
  • 3 drops of neroli oil.

After, let the fragrance infuse in a dark place for three weeks.

Creating perfume with your own hands is a fascinating process. After the first successful experiment, you will want to repeat your success, and you`ll be happy to discover more and new unusual combinations of fragrances.

Besides, this hobby can also have practical value. In addition to saving money and an exclusive fragrance, you can please your relatives with original gifts for various holidays, choosing perfumes following their tastes and wishes.

Create the fragrance of your dreams, enjoy this process!

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