3 Types of guys that are not Qualified to Use “Na Dem Dey Rush Us”


Like joke like joke, ‘na dem dey rush us‘ is taking over our online space like kilode. Coman see the way people are rushing to use #NaDemDeyRushUS for every conceivable situation under the sun.

A Facebook page with over a million members had their own “Na Dem Dey Rush Us” #NaDemDeyRushUS festival yesterday. Everybody wanted to be on the bandwagon even if what they came up with was very lame.

Talking about the lame use of #NaDemDeyRushUS, what is it with some people that always like breaking laws? They just go and pick totally inappropriate scenarios and start writing, ‘yen yen yen, na dem dey rush us.’

Okay, it is good for laughs and all, but there is also the abuse of popular culture. Shuo! Don’t they know that foreigners who want to learn Nigerianese might get confused with the out-of-context usage of ‘na dem dey rush us’ or #NaDemDeyRushUS?

That is how they would mess up and Urban Dictionary would decide not list the #NaDemDeyRushUS for lack of clarity.

For those still confused about how and when to use ‘na dem dey rush us’ or the hashtag #NaDemDeyRushUS on social media, read this article HERE OR Watch Video HERE.You even get educated about how, like play like play, the trend started and caught on in Naija.

So, just for the records guys, here are the people who shouldn’t be disturbing us with inappropriate use of ‘na dem dey rush us’ or #NaDemDeyRushUS.

1. Ugly guys

Some people have simply lost the ability to differentiate homemade jollof from party jollof I swear! It is criminal behavior.

Ugly guys-na dem dey rush us

Talking about criminal behavior, if you know you have a good chance of defeating Obasanjo in an ‘Ugly Contest’, it is a criminal behavior to also use ‘na dem dey rush us’ when people like Kunle Remi are talking about how hard it is to keep the females at bay.

Nobody is saying being ugly is a curse or something. Look at Adams Oshiomhole, did his looks stop him from marrying that insanely beautiful lady?

But he respected himself and waited until he had tons of money abi?

So if you know you are ugly, don’t abuse this unique Naija slang phrase and be posting nonsense like, ‘Fine boys like us, na dem dey rush us.’

Respect yourself!

2. Brokeass guys

There is broke and there is brokeass. Broke is a temporary condition (like maybe you don’t have enough money to take her out today) while brokeass doesn’t have a remedy in sight. The two must not be confused.

So is it good to jump on social media and be saying things like, ‘Rich guys like us, na ego dey rush us. #NaDemDeyRushUS’ when you know are as broke as an apprentice area boy and actually look it? Is that not fake news?

If you feel the need to misinform social media about anything, try packaging yourself small before doing it. You don’t want your legacy in this life to include one of those who sabotaged the unique Naija phrase ‘na dem dey rush us’ trust me.

Having 30 billion in your account like Davido is not a criterion, but at least have something reasonable before showing yourself.

3. Unpopular peeps

Have you heard of DJ Smatty P? It’s a pretty good guess you haven’t. That is because his game is not tight enough to be known.

So imagine Smatty P going #NaDemDeyRushUS when he is finding it difficult to get common gigs like birthday parties for kids.

People like that need their brains reset so they can understand simple concepts and how misuse can damage their destiny.

This also applies to people on social media who have just a few hundred people following them. #NaDemDeyRushUS is not for them.

Up your game first, or like those desperate Internet marketers would say, chose a niche where you are obviously slaying first before going to town to market yourself. That seems like common sense from any angle you chose to look at it abi?

So, before using ‘na dem dey rush us’ in a sentence make sure it is relevant to your situation. If you mess it up, don’t be surprised if suddenly a #NaDemDeyRushUS campaign is started to rush you out of social media.

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