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Here we have some special topic for you. What about happy new month quotes, wishes and prayers for your beloved ones, and friends? Don’t be shy to use them and create a good mood for the upcoming days.


  • My Honey! Another month is coming. I want to wish you many happy moments on these 30 days. Let us be more close and open to each other in this month.
  • My beloved! A new month is there, we wait for new adventures and unexpected turns, I’m happy to share with you all these days.
  • Here comes another month of our love, and happiness to be with you. There are a lot of happy days to come. Another month with you is a blessing to me.
  • I want to congratulate you on this sunny, new month because our love turns everyday into a holiday. I want to celebrate it with you, my love.
  • A new month is here and I want to wish you bright days and many happy moments. I’m happy to be with you my love and hope to spend this month together with you.
  • The first day of a new month can be a holiday for those who are in love. We are together my love, and it is a great reason to celebrate every day of this great new month.

  • Let me be together with you, my love during this new month. I want to create for you more romantic moments and happy days this month. I’m happy to be with you at these days.
  • My love, I want to wish you good health and happy mood on this new month. I’m blessed to be with you and fill your love.
  • I know that this new month will bring us many special moments. We are in love and this is the best reason to celebrate these new 30 days.
  • Another month is coming. I want you to be happy these days. Just let me be with you during this new month. Let there be a sea of love for us.


  • A new month is at the doorstep, today I pray for all of us. Let God be gracious to us in these new days.
  • Lord created time, and here is a new month. We live by his grace and I pray for more happy days. Thank you, Lord, for this new great month.

  • My friends let’s thank our Lord for a new month. I pray for us to achieve goals, to be healthy and in love. Happy, blessed new month to all of us.
  • A new month is starting, and it is a great time for our prayers and ask for the blessings. May God protect us and his grace never leave us.
  • Our Lord gave us another month to live, to create and to be helpful. Our prayers of gratitude ascend into the sky.
  • I wish you to fill the blessing of this new month. Let’s pray together for new good times and our close people. Happy new month for all of us.
  • Let’s pray for a new month to be full of happy days and smiles. Let our faith be stronger and let us be healthier in this new month. Thank you, Lord, for a new month.
  • Bright days are coming, and grace is in our hearts. God presents us a new month, and we are grateful and happy to share these days together.
  • I want to share with you my prayers of thanks for a new month. We are blessed to see the new days of Lord’s miracle. Happy new month for all of us.

  • Our souls are ready to celebrate the miracle of life. We pray for all the best for our friends, relatives, and colleagues. It is such a happiness to meet a new month together.
  • Most people say that a new month is not as important as a new year. But a new month is a God’s gift for as that is why we are thankful and pray for more blessings and happiness for all of us.


  • My dear friends, we are blessed to welcome a new month. Let us be happier in these 30 days. I thank you for the support and bright moments.
  • I remember how great it was to spend this time with you. Now we are grateful to meet a new month of our friendship. Let it be a month of blessed time for us.
  • It is a great pleasure for me to celebrate another month together with my best friends. I want to thank you, my friends, that you are so creative, cheerful, and kind. Let the following month be even more exciting and happy.
  • All of us today are blessed to celebrate this day with great people. These people are the best friends, and it is happiness to be among all of you. Thank you all, and have a wonderful month.

  • A new month is a great reason to congratulate friends and gather together. I wish you to spend this month in a circle of the closest people, let there be more happy moments and reasons to laugh. Happy new month, my dear friends.
  • Some say that it is good for health to spend time in happiness with close people. I agree with this opinion, because you, my friends gave me many positive emotions. In this new month, I wish you many happy days.
  • Time is passing, but I’m not sad, because it is a great pleasure to be with such good people as you, my friends. We are glad to welcome a new month, and I’m thankful to you for such a blessed company.
  • A new month is 30 new days of happy mood if you spend it with the best friends. I wish you all to be grateful for such an ability and let us spend a new month in the best way.
  • Did you know that today is a great holiday to celebrate? My friend, here is a new month. Let’s spend it together and have a great time.
  • I have good news, we are going to spend a new month together. Another month is another chance to have cheerful days and happy travels. It is a blessing to have such great friends.

  • A new month is knocking on the door, and I want to wish you great adventures, and sunny days. My friend, thank you for our blessed friendship, let there be happiness, and love in these new days.

Here are our examples of happy new month wishes, use them or create your own new month wishes.

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