Five (5) Basic Safety Tips For Women

It’s no hidden secret that more and more young women have been going missing lately. While some have returned, others have not and here are a few safety tips that you can follow to avoid that.

1) Avoid places that are quiet and lonely

This may not always be possible but trying to avoid places, especially late at night, that are quiet and lonely is a really great safety tip. If you must go at all then have a trusted male figure accompany you.

2) Stay aware of your surroundings

If walking by yourself, get off your cell phone. A lot of people think that being on the phone is safe because the person on the other line can call for help, but that rarely works out. Chatting can distract you; it’s better to be aware of your surroundings.

3) Be careful of drinks offered by strangers at parties

Always pour your own drink at a party and bring it with you everywhere…even to the bathroom. This will make it a lot harder for someone to drug you through your drink.

4) Social media doesn’t need to know your every move

Don’t check-in on Instagram or Facebook when you arrive somewhere. Instead, check in as you leave. This way no one will be able to digitally stalk you and know your every move or when you’re not home.

5) There’s safety in numbers

When going out with your girlfriends, decide beforehand that you will stick together. Do not let your friend go off alone with a guy.

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