Six (6) Reasons Why People Engage In Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud

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Well known to all even before I mention, this issue of yahoo boys (internet fraudsters) is really pathetic. And the funny thing which is also a bitter truth is that they spend valuable time on this illegal exhibition that they would rather have spent on a more legit and profitable make money online endeavor. Needless to say that they’ve got several tactics they utilize, trust me, they never run out of ideas!

If you are a frequent internet user, you would have at some points in your online surf come across some posts that look too good to be true and at the same time too tempting to be ignored. Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud has gone far way more than just dating sites scams, dudes are littered everywhere on the world wide web looking for unsuspecting preys.

But is it really worth it? Damn right, you might say YES! But taking a good look at it from a right mindset, I ask you again, is it really worth it?
Let’s take a swift look at some6 Reasons Why People Engage In Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud.


When a typical young man sees his secondary school best friend stunting with designer shoes on Instagram, For real? I was better than this dude! That’s the thought that flies through his mind. Or when a rich dude comes around and manoeuvres off with his girlfriend, then that feeling of “I must be rich” comes up his head. And if you want to be rich by force, is Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud the best idea? Let’s leave the answer for a later date.


The Yoruba people will call it “Ojukokoro“. It is that intense and selfish desire for something, in this case, wealth. When you simply want the whole world to yourself without proportional effort put in. Then to them, the fastest way to this is Internet Fraud, which even in reality is not as easy as it seems.


This is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection often caused by unfortunate circumstances that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. It might be subsequent to oppression, which got a young man thinking deeply about his life, then resort to Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud.


This is the tendency to be restless. No foresight. The crave for rocket science and the wanting of magical effects in all situations. Humans should understand that if life was so easy and if goodies came in a rush, there would be no need to do the things we do on daily basis. We need to take it as it comes, doing the right thing the right way, it might take time, but the right time will always be the right time. The inability to calm down and wait for results subsequent to positive actions often leads to wrong reactions, Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud, in this case.


This is a very serious shortage of purchasing power or of access to resources that provide the basic necessities of life, such as food and shelter. In cases like this, coupled with some other factors, some are left with no other alternative but to go illegal, pathetic!


I was thumbing through Nairaland the other day and I saw a thread that read “I want to become a G boy, I have been unemployed for 5 years after graduating, I need someone to teach me“, I couldn’t find my way to the thread again, would have dropped a link or probably screenshot. It’s no news that the state of the nation in terms of job opportunities is bad, but that still doesn’t act as enough justification to do the G, as popularly called.

All said, yet none of this is enough justification to engage in an internet scam. There are loads of legit Internet Businesses. Let’s spend our days building a better nation, not spoiling our already crumbling reputation.
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