Thinking Of Getting Tattoos Soon? Here Are Five Mistakes To Avoid

Tattoos have been around for some time and a lot of young people are interested in getting one to follow the trend and get one they can be proud of. There are however a number of tattoo traps every discerning person should avoid so as not to have regrets later on.

Tattoos can be beautiful and can attract a lot of positive attention if a number of things are done properly. Here are five mistakes to avoid when getting some ink on.

Being In A Hurry To Get Your Tat
Whether you believe it or not, getting a tattoo is a decision that is relatively permanent when it comes to your personal style and as such, it is best you take your time to mull over whether to have one or not.

Before taking the decision to get an ink, try asking yourself some pertinent questions such as what artist can you trust enough to execute it, what designs you want to have and whether or not having one is worth it.

You can visit some parlours and discuss with tattoo artists about your choice. If you do decide to have one, it’s best to get one that will stand the test of time instead of one that is best on colour realism which seems to be the fad in recent times.

Going With The Cliches
We all know how we roll our eyes and scuff at some type of tattoos we see such as love signs and Asian characters for being old-fashioned and from the 90s. As such, if you’re going to get a tattoo, don’t get one that in 2040, people will see as old-school.

A number of cliché tattoos include feathers, dreamcatchers, anchors, Hummingbirds, arrows, Roman numerals, compasses and maps.

Having Tattoos That Are Too Big
The fact is society has some form of prejudice against people that have large and visible tattoos; and the stigma tends to be difficult to scrub off. If you’re a sports star, having a tattoo won’t be seen as a big deal as opposed to if you’re someone with a white collar job.

Even though you’re probably not getting a tat too o impress your parents or boss, it’s especially important to go easy with the size and designs. Go with as much ink as you’re comfortable with but be wary of people’s perceptions.

Having A Very Small Tat At First
People always have the urge to start small with their tattoos such as a small design on their biceps, Wrist or shoulder blade. It is quite understandable to want to start small but it most times ruins that part of the body, making it difficult to have something that is much more significant around that part of the body.

If you know you will most likely have a bigger design in future such as a full sleeve, it’s best to to wait, save up and committing to that instead of having numerous small tattoos that have no cohesive meaning.

Failing To Take Proper Care Of Your Tattoos
After getting your ink, the artist will clean and cover the area with a bandage that you’re supposed to leave on for at least two hours to prevent a bacteria infection.

Thereafter, you can apply anti-bacterial ointment and moisturiser till the ink stops scabbing. You should avoid itching the area or soaking in water till the area has completely healed. Also avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes for the first month after you get your ink on.

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