See Most common STDs in Nigeria and their symptoms

5. Herpes

Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can be gotten by any sexually active person.

Usually, the herpes virus causes sores that appear on the vaginal area, penis and/or the anus. It can, sometimes, appear around the mouth.

Herpes can only be suppressed but it never goes away. It can return, and it is contagious even when there are no visible sores.

Upon observation, a patient can have from four to seven flare-ups each year.

Here are the signs and symptoms of herpes

  1. Fever like sore around the mouth
  2. Painful urination
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Tender, enlarged lymph nodes
  5. A tingling, burning or itching sensation around your genitals, and sometimes down your leg
  6. Painful red blisters that burst to leave sores around your genitals, rectum, thighs, and buttocks
  7. Blisters and ulcers on the cervix in women.

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