These Are Ten (10) Ways To Identify A Typical Nigerian Runs Girl (Must Read for Guys)

runs girl

Take it or leave it, they’re a part of our community and whether or not you’ve seen them, they are everywhere and they are on the rise!

Whether it’s greed, fun or maybe personal issues, there are different reasons why ladies become runs girls and more recently, the recession has now multiplied their numbers.

So just in case, you a saint, like me ?? and you don’t wanna come across, or fall prey to these category of women, here’s a list on how to identify them!

1. They own expensive phones.

Runs girls always use expensive phones. The problem is not just that have an expensive phone but that even their job cannot explain the phone. Clearly, the phone is high above their pay. If you ask them, it’s either they tell you they have been saving for it for five months. Or they will tell you how one of their faraway uncles sent it to them. We all know the uncles they are talking about. cheesy

2. Their phone is a business line.

They are always receiving phone calls. It is like their office and it helps them keep in touch with their numerous clients. Sometimes, they even beg you to be silent when they want to pick certain calls because they want a silent background. Don’t be surprised if they lie about their location while on the call. If she receives ten calls, be rest assured eight are from men.

3. They usually wear heavy make-up.

To notice a runs girl is not so difficult, just look around for who always go heavy on make-up. The foundation on her face is so much that you can build a three storey building on it. She shaves off her eye brow and then draws a really long one. The colours of their eye shadow and eye liner rarely agree or it is in excess. I don’t know if runs girls just lose their sense of make-up due to their “profession”.

4. They upload seductive photos.

Whenever you check their online dp, it’s either they are displaying their bo0bs or their ass. Their pose is often highlighting their sensual curves in one way or the other. They want whoever cares to know they have goods worth tasting. Some of them go as far as padding their buttocks so as to attract more prospective clients.

5. They use charms.

Most runs girls are fetish. they use a lot of charm. if you go close to them they will remote control your life till their is no more milk in you. a friend of mine Ibro fell into one of their traps in 2016. in the month of august, he earned roughly N3m online and like N2.5m went to one runs girl called Chidinma. she took his name to all the native doctors in their village and the final result was that he listens to no one but her. All through 2016 ibro worked very hard to earn but that devil reap it all. it took myself and his mom a lot of prayer before we were able to bring him back to normal.

6. They disappear mysteriously every Friday.

Weekend is their most busy schedule because they always have appointments to keep. If a runs girl promises to be with you on a Friday evening, be rest assured that you have entered one chance. She will definitely go missing like the 2016 national budget.

7. She is always on night shift.

If she always goes out every evening only to return the next morning and sleep all day, she is most likely a runs girl. The funny thing is while she tries to claim she is working, you will never hear her talk about the work. When you ask “how work?” The answer will always be in summary “Fine!” You too, what were you expecting her to say?

8. They always chew gum indecently.

I don’t know if this is a universal trademark. When they start chewing gum, you will think someone is roasting corn around you. And they don’t seem to care where they are when it comes to chewing gum. They just chew it and most often press their phones to go with it.

9. They are always rude.

If you cross their path, and by their assessment, they classify you as being below their grade, prepare your bullet proof. The last thing you want to do is argue with them because they will make sure they turn that spark in to a furnace. Your only luck is if you are loaded. That’s where you will hear lines like: I’m naturally gentle” or “It’s because it is you o”. My brother, don’t be deceived. It’s not because of you but because of your money.

10. They have piercings and tattoos on their bodies.

Hardly will you come across a runs girl who has not added an extra hole to her body. The piercings could be on her nose or her ears or wherever. cheesy Some even go as far as making up to three or four piercings on their ears. Not only that, a couple of them also have tattoos on their bodies.

culled from ImportExport; NRL

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