5 Mistakes To Never Make On Your Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight s no easy task, and this has been proven beyond doubt with the many tried and failed attempts by millions all over the world. .

So many people, begin their weight loss journey, all motivated but when the result of their handwork, which sometimes, is a two weeks plan, isn’t showing, they cave to the many hearsay around them, and finally give up hope on ever losing weight.

Personally, when I started my weight loss programme , a few months back, I made a lot of mistakes as I was not guided on what to do and don’t, but, as time flew by, I did my research and got back on the horse, and in  no time, the weight started melting off.

For those, who have decided on starting their weight loss journey, I salute you and am ever ready to support you through it. Welcome aboard guys, here are the 5 do’s and don’ts to getting that slimmer fit bod.


Often times, I have come across people, who have the notion that when they starve themselves, the weight immediately starts melting off, wrong guys. Starving yourself does harm than good contrary to opinions. When you starve yourself, your entire system, immediately reboots to the survival mode, meaning it holds on sugars, fat, and all the stuff we want to lose, due to fear of not getting energy for it to survive. Also you should note that a slowed down metabolism brings about an all together different way for calories to be digested, the next calorie intake automatically becomes fat, definitely not what you set out for in the first place.


For weight watchers, its no news that alcohol has empty calories, which has absolutely no advantage for our entire body system. With the fact that it has empty calories, it packs on too much calories within it. For example, a shot of vodka contains 100 calories, multiply that by how many shots you decide on in a night, am sure you know that much calories on a weight loss journey does you no good.


Like I earlier said, losing the weight, is in no way an easy task, it comes along with a lot of do’s and don’ts. The don’t you need stick to in this case is,never deprive yourself of your indulgences. Doing this will only cause you to crave it more, which can in turn lead to overeating, and we know what over-eating can do to your entire journey. Yes, you are allowed to indulge whenever you feel, a little cheese cake, chocolate, burger and what not isn’t an entirely bad idea, all you need do is know your limit, moderation is the keyword here.


Losing weight can never happen overnight, it take a while for the body to lose the pounds after prepping itself. Those who think a two weeks plan is enough to get rid of the weight, got things wrongs. Losing weight is imbibing a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, eat clean, to make things easy, have  a plan for the week and follow this plan for as long as possible. An healthy lifestyle, is the key to losing the weight and staying fit.


Many people make this mistake, as all they are bent on is losing the weight and forgetting about the general wellbeing. While, you are working to lose the pound, also ensure that your entire system stays in tip top shape. A healthy body and soul, is the key to a happy life.

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