For Ladies: 4 Sign That Guy Forming “Bigboy” Is A Confirm “Ajekpako”


fake lifestyle” will lead you no where. just be plain to that lady who is ready to accept you for whom you are instead of claiming dangote`s son because not all ladies are gold diggers. though these ladies aren’t loyal  but we have the good ones among them.

some guys will approach a lady and start making mouth, my dad is this my dad is that, i am this i am that while dey are nothing.

“some” signs that guy forming bigboy is a real ajekpako guy

1 no permanent residence —}see if i give you list, just take it as the reality aspect  if that your bF forming bigboy alws takes you to hang out in his friends place, giving you excuses that his parents are too strict so thats why he cant take you to his Mansion. my dear, na wash!!! the guy man na kpako wey dey live face me i face you.

2 He alws postpone outing without no good reason—–} oh! he has been promising to take you to tantalizer and your mouth has been watering imagining how the taste of fried rice and chicken will be in your wide mouth. You have been dreaming abt the shoprite outing he promised you this week  sister wake up and face reality, he will give u same excuses he has been giving u. you have know other choice than to follow him to iya basira`s buka for lunch and later branch ebuka shop wey dey sell akube(okirika)

3 All your conversations with him is only on midnight calls—-}he never calls you during the day? he will never return your flash? he kept telling you he is busy at work or where ever, so calling you at midnight will be best option for you guys to talk well due to service palava during the day. hmmmm you dont need a prophet to tell you he is a damn broke n!gga. wise up

4 he uses cheap phone—–} IF truly he is a bigboy has he claimed, he will not be using phone worth 6k, bigboy rock iphone6,Z2,S6,S5,Z3 etc with additional tab(for music alone) did i heard him say his Iphone5 is with engineer ? my dear, only God can do miracle in his life so he will be able to afford techno(Andriod) though your prayers can help him if he is ready to come clean



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