4 Ways Of Making Money Online With Smartphones


I’ll show you ways of making money online with your android phone as a Nigerian Student. Don’t worry, the options listed here have been verified and can be trusted.


Making money online is one thing that so many internet users want to do at one time of the other. Or who don’t want to make so extra cash? Many articles had been written in the past on how to make money online but they are mostly focused on the use of computer systems to access the internet and make money than the use of mobile devices. It is therefore important to discuss how to make money online using smartphones as the primary tool for online jobs. The internet is now been accessed more through the use of mobile devices than the regular computer system. According to a report released in the year 2014, about 60 percent of all internet connection is done over mobile devices. This is a reflection of the improved capabilities of the mobile devices like smartphones, phablets and tablets. Personally, I believe the emergence of Android and Apple IOS are contributing to the increased use of mobile devices over personal computers.


Making money online is not as easy as most people want it to be. So many internet users believe that with the correct secret, you can begin to earn top dollar with little or no hard work. I am sorry, but I am yet to have access to such secrets. The only secret I have been able to discover involves the hard work and dedication of the course. Once the mind is set to work hard, there are numerous ways whereby you can earn online using your mobile devices.


The 4 Ways Of Making Money Online As A Student With Android Phone:

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the sure paths to making real wealth from the internment. I use the word “wealth” because blogging can bring you great riches. The two major blogging platforms available at the moment are; wordpress and blogspot. You can download the android application for both from the Google Play Store. I have used both on my smart phone and with a few trick; you can get almost all your blogging jobs done over the two mobile applications.
Blogging has become harder to monetize with the popular Google Adsense and if you are playing for it, I will advise you to get ready for a hard journey ahead. You can check back for my article on how I blog using my android smart phone alone.

2. Android Application Development

Most people are not aware that they can quickly and easily build a simple Android application. They usually felt it takes rocket science to build an application for their Android smart phone. You can build a website based application in less than 2 hours. I build the GSMGist Android application in less than one hour “ you can download it here”. Or build one from Appsgeyser if you have a website or a blog too. You can make money by placing your finished application of Google Play Store, Amazon App Store or even on the Appsgeyser market. You can sell you application or make money by running advertisement on the application using Admob or any other mobile ad services.

3. Freelance Jobs

This is the most popular means of making money from the internet. A lot of websites make available jobs you can do to earn a token into your account. The jobs come in various forms like filling a form, registering on a website, writing an article or even interpreting website content into another language. A good and reliable example is microworker but you can check online for other sites. Payments are mostly small but when accumulated for a period, it becomes something of significance. You can collect your earnings through popular online payment platforms. Apart from having mobile sites, which you can access on your smartphones, you can access the standard website using a very good mobile browser on your smart phone.


4. Social Media Promotion

You sometimes wonder why somebody you know is building up his number of friends on Facebook or doing everything to increase his followers on twitter. It is mostly based on the desire to engage in social media promotions. A lot of media organizations are ready to pay you to use your social media accounts to send out their messages. Like an endorsement, you promote their products and services to
the general public using your accounts. The scheme is mostly common to Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is another easy task you can undertake using your smart phone alone and you will be paid well for doing a good job.

Warning and tips: I need to warn you that not all the websites or companies offering jobs can be trusted. Some will always find a way of cheat*ng you and they might avoid payment altogether. Before you sign up with any organization, kindly read other people reviews of the organization performance.



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